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Strategic Partnerships

LinkedCPA is working with our strategic
partners to develop an accounting platform
that will provide you with the tools you need
to make your job easier. We will continue to
add partners as we find solutions to meet
your needs. If you are interested in becoming
a strategic partner, scroll down to the bottom.

Bill.com is a web-based service that makes it easy for accountants and
bookkeepers to manage client bookkeeping and make payments online.

• Your Clients get a simple web-based interface for managing bills
  and collaborating with their accountant, making it easy to participate
  in the bill management process without being overburdened

• Accountants and bookkeepers benefit from advanced controls, audit
  trail, accounting software integration, and secure bill payment, so you
  can provide sophisticated and accurate financial reporting and advice
  while eliminating numerous manual, paper-based processes

Nexonia is an advanced yet easy to use web-based expense report and
timesheet system. You can choose one or both features for your company.
It's highly configurable and integrated with LinkedCPA for automated delivery
of accounting files to your LinkedCPA account. Nexonia supports flexible
approval routing of both time and expense, as well as excellent receipt
management for expense reports. 161 international currencies are supported
and iPhone integration is included.

Qvinci is your one stop for success. This app is full of functionality while
offering ease of installation and point-and-click usability at an affordable price.
Two main components make this app the most valuable thing you can do for
your business: first, it displays QuickBooks™ and Excel™ data graphically in
a simple console. Second, it offers point-and-click tools to do everything from
projecting future performance to lease vs. buy calculators, to setting early
warning indicators to monitor things like expenses, etc. Click through your
console whenever you want, it automatically updates as data is added to
QuickBooks™ or Excel™, see exactly where your business stands, and
go back to doing what you love. Save time and make better decisions by
having vital information at your fingertips. Try it today.

Earth Class Mail is changing how postal mail is delivered, for the betterment
of individuals, businesses, national post offices, and the planet. Instead of
making physical postal deliveries that are so dependent on fuel for planes
and trucks, we deliver postal mail online, where people can manage it
instantly, anywhere in the world.

Colin Magnuson Creative is a design firm who specializes in the branding
and marketing of businesses large and small. Being creative since 1995,
they have the skill and expertise to get your company looking itís best.
If you are in need of a logo, excellent marketing literature or a completely
unique and custom website, use our design partner, Colin Magnuson
Creative, to create a new look for you. If you reference LinkedCPA, you
will receive a 20% discount on you project price. Visit their website now!

Strategic Partners Program

LinkedCPA is actively seeking strategic partners that will enhance our accounting partnerís services.
If you have interest in having our team review your product for integration, please fill out the following
form and we will contact you.

In order for us to review your software or services, you will need to meet the following critera:
1. Your services or software must have been on the market for at least one year.
2. You must provide no less than five references from current users.
3. Your service or software must not conflict with any of our current partners nor compete with our platform.
4. Your technical team must be willing to work with our team to integrate your services into our platform.
5. You must provide first class tech support, client support and training.

Contact Name:



Phone Number:

Website Address:


Brief Description of Your Service Software

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